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Price list


English or German
to Czech
Czech to
English or German
English ⇔ German
Normal texts330 CZK 380 CZK 480 CZK
Specialized texts350 CZK 450 CZK 550 CZK

Certified translationfrom 400 CZK / SP
Duplicate of a certified translation
issued at the time of original
100 CZK incl. first physical page + 25 CZK each additional physical page
Duplicate of a certified translation
issued later
150 CZK / SP
Proof readingfrom. 250 CZK / SP (according to grade of difficulty)
Express service+100% within 12 h, +50% within 24 h (max. 5 SP)
Graphic layout (e.g. tables...),
source text in PDF format
+20% per document
Postage registered mailfrom 60 CZK / shipment
Personal delivery of translation in Brno300 CZK
Print of source document15 CZK / pg black and white, 25 CZK / pg colour

Consecutive interpreting

Czech ⇔ German or English750 CZK / every commenced hour up to a max. of 4 hrs
(min. charged amount: 2 hrs)
Certified interpreting2500 CZK (wedding, registry office, police – up to 3 hrs)
Czech ⇔ German or English
all day rate
6000 CZK from 4 up to a max. of 8 hrs.
English ⇔ German800 CZK / hour

Simultaneous (conference) interpreting

Czech ⇔ German or English
half day rate
   4000 CZK up to a max. of 4 hrs
Czech ⇔ German or English
all day rate
   7500 CZK from 4 up to a max. of 8 hrs.

Prices quoted are per 1 standard page (SP) of the final text. A standard page consists of 1800 characters incl. spaces between words (i.e. 30 lines with 60 characters). The minimum charged amount is 1 SP.

During conferences, interpreting equipment (e.g. microphones, headsets) is to be provided by the client. All prices are charged without VAT. Travelling expenses for interpreting in Brno city are included, other areas will be charged at a rate of 8 CZK per travelled km both ways. Travelling time is charged at the rate of 200 CZK/hour. Should the place of the interpreting be further than 30 km away from Brno, the all-day rate will be charged independently of actual interpreting hours.

Prices valid from 1. January 2019

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