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Joruna Walther

Kanice 225 (15 km from the center of Brno)
664 01 Bílovice nad Svitavou

Phone: +420 777 34 60 20
E-mail: j.hrabalova@soudni-tlumoceni.eu

Education and practical experience

I am of Austrian – Czech origin and of both Austrian and Czech nationality. I spent my childhood in Germany (up to the end of primary education) and continued my education at a grammar school in the United Kingdom. After spending 10 years in the UK, I moved to the Czech Republic, where in 1998 I passed the National Interpreters’ Examination in both English and German, and now work as a self-employed sworn interpreter.
My experience includes translations in many subject fields but above all in medical and legal matters.
I especially enjoy interpreting with both consecutive and simultaneous techniques (using specialized equipment) on public and private meetings, official state visits, training sessions, marriage ceremonies and similar.

Tel.: +420 777 346 020 e-mail: j.walther@soudni-tlumoceni.eu